7C for Freedom: Ingredients for Dreaming Big!

7C for Freedom: Ingredients for Dreaming Big!

The collaboration between Unicoop Tirreno and Donne 4.0 has brought together the 6 Cs of the Donne 4.0 Association (Competence, Courage, Heart, Awareness, Culture, Community) with the seventh C of Cooperation from Unicoop Tirreno, giving life to the “7C for Freedom” project.

Joining forces to help girls and women have the courage to dream big and have the ingredients to turn the dream into action and freedom. This, in summary, is the goal of the “7C for Freedom” project.

Why a shopper dedicated to the “7C for Freedom” project?

Even a shopping bag can help us break gaps and stereotypes, bringing a positive educational message into our homes: the valorization of the female figure as a protagonist in facing new global challenges and building an inclusive and sustainable future with technologies.

The shopping bag is a simple, familiar, and everyday object that becomes a powerful communication tool to convey something of great importance: today, digital technologies offer new professions and create high-level jobs. But for this, specific skills are needed, still predominantly in the hands of men.

Girls still know little about the opportunities offered by tech studies, and therefore, they less frequently choose ICT (Information Communication Technologies) subjects, not participating in future career paths. The 7Cs are needed to achieve equal opportunities.

Here are our 7Cs:

  1. Competence: Know and study the skills required by future jobs.
  2. Heart (Cuore): Put passion into your dreams.
  3. Courage: Have the courage to authorize yourself to turn dreams into reality.
  4. Awareness (Consapevolezza): Be aware that difficulties for girls are greater, but they should not fear them; on the contrary, they should face them.
  5. Culture: Fight against the rooted patriarchal culture that often constitutes an internal and external limit to ambitions.
  6. Community: Create communities of people who share the same values and dreams.
  7. Cooperation: Cooperation among entities that believe courageous girls will create a better world.

Dreaming of the future means knowing the technologies that create the future!

We at Donne 4.0 always organize free training webinars on technological and digital topics (which you can find on our official YouTube channel). Here are some focused on Artificial Intelligence. Technologies and systems of great relevance that girls can learn about through our videos.

Let’s start getting to know Artificial Intelligence?

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