Women Leading in Healthcare, Bologna June 23-24

The Women Leading Community was established in 2021 with the aim of fostering a dialogue among women to rethink Italian healthcare with a female perspective.

“Women who care for Health, Women who work in Health” is the slogan of this second Convention, aiming to promote and recognize initiatives for the prevention and care of women. It also seeks to overcome the gender gap that permeates our social and economic reality, valuing female career paths. A woman’s nature is cyclical, facing changes and potential challenges in different life stages, impacting the body, personal balance, and emotional, personal, and professional growth. Thus, certain medical specialties may take on different relevance in different age groups, such as gynecology, mental health, or neuroscience. On the other hand, topics like telemedicine, renewable energy, gender medicine, innovation, welfare, or the role of women in public administration are cross-cutting and can influence the effectiveness of the healthcare system for women of all ages. The Convention aims to provide a platform for dialogue on strategic issues to bring about innovation, building on the goals identified in the 2021 working groups and transforming them into shared projects and experimental synergies. Strong relationships, built on trust and the exchange of ideas, are fundamental to constructing networks rooted in the territory capable of influencing the system.

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