RomHack Camp, il primo hacker camp a Roma

Il 24 settembre dalle 14 alle 17 a Roma al Flaminio Village organizziamo un evento di coding per bambine/i e ragazze/i dagli 8 ai 14 anni. Contatta Roberta Russo e Loredana Mancini per saperne di più.

Link all’evento programma e iscrizioni

Qui si parla di noi, sezione 4 Children 


English version – RomHack Camp is as an outdoors hacker camp taking place in Rome, Italy, on September 2022. The event is organized by Cyber Saiyan and gives to anyone the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas in three days of learningentertainmentknowledge sharing through cutting-edge talksworkshops and interactive labs.

Donne 4.0 is a nonprofit association that supports, with real projects and activities, the empowerment of women in the digital world, thus increasing the full participation of women in the technology area, with the goal to close the gender gap in the IT sector. On Saturday, September 24 th , during the RomHack Conference, Donne 4.0 will host a coding event for kids and teens. The event is for all kids from 8 to 14 year old, even without any previous coding experience.
Kids and teens will be divided in groups according to their age and knowledge (if any) and will be guided in the development of a nice game in Scratch, a free visual coding language from MIT Media Lab. The event will start at 14:00 right after the conference lunch break and will finish around 17:00.

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